My name is Gaurav Trivedi. I'm a technical writer in Noida, India.

What does your blog offer?

My blog offers information and tutorials on:

  • API documentation (Swagger and OpenAPI)
  • Madcap Flare and other XML based help authoring tools
  • Technical communications
  • Trends in technical writing
  • Automation
  • ...and much more

Tell me about your education?

Life's journey often unfolds in the most unexpected ways, casting us into roles we never envisioned. As I graduated from Army School, MHOW (MP), the path ahead seemed preordained – a stereotypical trajectory for a middle-class Indian youth: engineering. Armed with a degree in Electronics and Communication by June 2011, I was meant to fit into the mold I had grown up observing. Little did I know that this path, while conventional, wasn't aligned with my inner compass.

I navigated into the professional world, a realm teeming with uncertainty and competition. Strangely, despite my qualification, I found myself devoid of relevant experience in programming, electronics, or communication. The rejection emails started trickling in, each "unfortunately" a resounding echo of doubt. Frustration became a constant companion, shadowing my aspirations. The idea of call centers even crossed my mind as a pragmatic detour, a haven from the barrage of rejections. Yet, as quickly as it emerged, that notion dissipated, leaving me at a crossroads.

Then, like a whisper amidst the chaos, MPS's call disrupted my wavering contemplations in August 2011. Serendipity seemed to have intervened, offering me a lifeline I hadn't anticipated. This marked the juncture from which I never looked back.

The world of programming languages and technology, a realm that once seemed alien, now beckoned invitingly. With unwavering determination, I delved into coding, electronics, and communication – domains I had once thought were beyond my reach. Like an artist with a chisel, I carved away at self-doubt, honing my skills and molding my identity.

Years later, I stand as a testament to the extraordinary power of seizing the unexpected. The narrative has shifted; the once-inexperienced graduate has evolved into a tech-savvy professional. My story is one of metamorphosis, where the mundane cocoon of uncertainty gave way to wings of self-assuredness. It's a reminder that life's most remarkable chapters often emerge from the unplanned paragraphs, written with the ink of resilience and the parchment of opportunity.

Engineering and then technical writing, I'm confused?

So am I :) Jokes apart, I didn't know any programming languages and wasn't particularly skilled in electronics. It was through the grace of my mum that I secured a career in Technical Writing.

What about your family?

I'm married and have a child.